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BIO-DERUSTER is an amazing environmental-friendly, non-aggressive way of removing rust ! 
It even removes deep rust on all types of mild steel and iron! 

It is safe on all surfaces and will not harm copper, brass, aluminium, plastic, rubber or vinyl. 
BIO-DERUSTER is non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable and contains no acids or alkalis. 
It is non-flammable and contains no petroleum solvents. 

Bio-deruster will NOT harm non-rusted steel.

So: BIO-DERUSTER dissolves rust entirely but is; 
no acid 
no rust 'transformer' 
no hazardous fluid


Bio-deruster is used in several industries;
Agricultural, Injection Molding, Machining, Metal Stampings, Aerospac, Auto Maintenance, Armoring, Forensics, Launch Pads. Restoring Cars, Antiques, Motors, Boats, Toys etc etc


Main advantages of Bio-deruster are: 
Unrusted metal will not be affected. Even as other light metals, plastic, rubber or vinyl. 
You don't have to stay with the process, so it saves manpower; 
because the object is soaked, the deruster comes to places you normaly never reache; 
it's no hazardous liquid, so heavily personal protection is not neccesary; 
Bio-deruster even removes bluing and other oxide finishes (Anodizing will not be removed);
it's no rust-transformer; so no layer stays behind.

Bio-deruster is a perfect aternative for:
derusting thin or rare parts that are very difficult to sandblast; 
compannies with high environmental care companies working according ISO14000


Bio-deruster is a liquid in wich the object has to be soaked in order to get fully derusted.
First preclean the object to remove heavy dirt and grease.
Rinse the object.
Immerse the rusty object in sufficient amount of Bio-deruster and leave it for about 20 minutes for light rust, or up to overnight for extremely heavy rust.
Check progress periodically. When finished, rinse te object in water. 

If deep rust remains in pits, re-immerse the object untill al the rust is gone. 
Un-rusted metal will not be affected! It may darken.

Bio-deruster can be used over and over until performance drops off. It can take about 3 grams pure rust per ltr. 
The color will change from light yellow to very dark.

To prevent flash rusting, dip the item back into the Bio-deruster. Then allow it to air dry. This will prevent rust for up to two weeks.

Bio-deruster is available in; 5 ltr, 25 ltr, 220-250 ltr, or 1000 ltr.

Bio-Deruster  5 ltr

Bio-Deruster 5 ltr

Jerrycan, UN approved, 5 ltr, price incl 21% VAT

Bio-deruster is the official European equivalent of Evapo-rust.

€ 48.16 incl BTW


Bio-Deruster   25 ltr

Bio-Deruster 25 ltr

Jerrycan, UN approved, 25 ltr, price incl 21% VAT

Bio-deruster is the official European equivalent of Evapo-rust.

€ 226.27 incl BTW

Discount scheme:
1 = € 226.27
4 = € 191.48
8 = € 187.55


Bio-Deruster  220 ltr

Bio-Deruster 220 ltr

Plastic drum, UN approved, 220 ltr, price incl 21% VAT

Bio-deruster is the official European equivalent of Evapo-rust.

€ 1631.32 incl BTW